Elizabeth Markie

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Elizabeth Markie

Florida 33704
United States

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HeartMath Resilience Trainier, Brain-based and NeuroLeadership Coach, Author, Tri Brain®, Tri Brain Yoga®, Tri Brain® Wellness

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Elizabeth Markie
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United States

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Markie will support you to transform the way you live and work. She serves as a HeartMath Resilience Trainer and is also a certified Stress and Wellbeing Assessment provider.  In addition, she a graduate of the NeuroLeadership Institute and Neuroscience Academy, holding certifications as a brain based coach and brain health coach.  Elizabeth is the founder of WeImagine, Inc, and Author of Brains. Transform the way you live and work. She is also the architect of Tri Brain®, the applied neuroscience of our three brains; Head, Heart and Gut as well as Tri Brain Yoga® and Tri Brain®Wellness.  Visit https://www.elizabethmarkie.com/for more information or to schedule a complimentary conversation. 

How I use the HeartMath System

I use HeartMath Resilience Training as a foundational component of my coaching, speaking and training programs.  Integrating HearthMath techniques supports stress reduction, improves emotional regulation and assists in building resilience along with a strong mindfulness practice. In addition, I am a certified Stress and Wellbeing Assessment Provider, assisting in addressing specific areas of stress and identifying ways to enhance wellbeing.