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Adrian Di Fede

Organic Intelligence
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Adrian Di Fede
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Organic Intelligence
43 Luck Street
Macclesfield, SA 5153

About Adrian

As a professional coach, a facilitator, an expert in organisational change and a thought leader in personal growth, I enable leaders, managers and professionals to increase their performance, develop their resilience and stay relevant. I use a holistic multi-disciplinary approach that yields immediate and measurable results.

I enable my clients to change what they need and to achieve what they want, through a powerful transformative and self-learning experience.

Outcomes from my coaching include:

  • A continuous and sustainable increase in your performance;
  • A state of balance, ease and well-being through effective personal energy management and resilience;
  • The realisation of your potential, and staying highly relevant in challenging environments and times; and
  • The increase in creativity and innovation resulting in new possibilities and prosperity.

Coaching Programs:

Personal Resilience - Leadership & Management - Transformation & Change - Performance

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How I use the HeartMath System

My professional coaching, professional development programs, and personal growth programs include the HeartMath Systems.

HeartMath Systems are used in my practices to:

  • increase personal and professional performance through mental clarity and effective resilience;
  • heal and suppress mental roadblocks that old us back;
  • develop our ability to connect with others and our environment; and
  • develop our true intuition for better decisions and creativity.