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Adriana Rosales

Adriana & Company
Las vegas
Nevada 89144
United States

Organizational Development
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John Maxwell Certified, ToastMaster VP of Education Las Vegas

Adriana Rosales
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Adriana & Company
1180 North Town Center
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Las vegas, Nevada 89144
United States

About Adriana

As founder of Adriana & Company LLC, it is Adriana's personal vision and life purpose to see a generation be transformed by John C. Maxwell leadership principals and the HeartMath® science-based techniques. She is personally committed to transforming communities, organizations and corporate culture locally and globally, infusing visionary leadership awareness to a new generation of world leaders. As a multifaceted leader in more than five Fortune 500 companies, coordinator and host of Women in Business Conferences, Teen Leadership Summits,  and host of the Live 2 Lead Conferences she has empowered individuals to aspire to greater levels of success.

Her journey began in the United States Air Force where she learned the value of integrity and serving with excellence. The knowledge that was acquired while in the military paved the way for future ventures in Corporate America. She was perplexed by what she found; an incomplete perspective on leadership and understanding of the value of human capital. The very essence of success for any company is the value placed on its people. "It is Human Capital that is at the Heart of Business." 

Today as she leads within several corporations and communities she finds that John’s principals and the techniques used at the HeartMath® Institute help aid the disconnect between what we want to achieve and what is achieved; the gap between where we are and where we want to be. We live in extraordinary times and we must live out visionary and cross-cultural leadership to its fullest potential. 

How I use the HeartMath System

Through HeartMath Coaching sessions you will learn how to instantly incorporate HeartMath tools and techniques into your everyday life and how to:

  • achieve and maintain a more comprehensive sense of well-being
  • increase your clarity and progressively feel better
  • improve your performance
  • improve your health and stamina
  • communicate better by creating more satisfying relationships
  • effectively reduce stress