Anna Del Duca

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Anna Del Duca

Heikō Harmonics Inc.
Ontario N9E 2S4

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HeartMath Certified Resilience Trainer; Stress & Well-Being Assessment Certified; Mindfulness Teacher Trainer; Certified Mind/Body Coach

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Anna Del Duca

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Heikō Harmonics Inc.
Windsor, Ontario N9E 2S4

About Anna

Anna Del Duca  has spent the past 25 years as a highly driven, Type-A entrepreneur in the healthcare industry specializing in remote patient monitoring and wireless technology before admitting she was not immune to burnout. In her personal life, and in true entrepreneurial fashion, her greatest achievement was leveraging her time by producing 5 children (now, all amazing adults) in 4 years (a triplet sandwich) and is affectionately known as "Ma." 

After dedicating the past 7 years to researching the science of resilience, she now inspires High Achievers uncover their path to balance with consistent small shifts which yield big impact.

Though she actively continues her practice and formal studies, Anna has exceeded her core competencies as a qualified meditation instructor in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Because she has "mostly" found balance, she now thoroughly enjoys her morning coffee, runs a little slower and has rediscovered true purpose in her longtime qigong and meditation practice. And P.S. her husband (of a miraculous 35 years) deeply appreciates this harmonizing shift.

How I use the HeartMath System

Show of many of you seek out coping or wellness strategies when life is comfortable? By utilizing HeartMath training and biofeedback tech, as well as meditation, we can take charge of how we feel and be in a position to respond, rather than react when things inevitably unravel. I help transform stress and overwhelm into well-being and awareness. As in all disclipines, dedicated practice is required, but results are seen and felt quickly. The skills are to be used in-the-moment, eyes wide open and on the go -- for life's real challenges. "It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it” ~Hans Selye