Barry Richmond

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Barry Richmond

Tellico Plains
Tennessee 37385
United States

Health & Wellness
Personal Development

HeartMath Certified Trainer, HeartMath Certified Coach/Mentor, CPP Certified MBTI Trainer

Barry Richmond
(317) 796-1319
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PO Box 249
Tellico Plains, Tennessee 37385
United States

How I use the HeartMath System

My experience and learning journeys to discover meaning and wellness in this life distills to awareness and choice. HeartMath Systems offers keen insight into mind/emotion awareness and effective choice approaches to fostering resiliency. I integrate HeartMath discoveries/techniques into my life path to nurture my awareness discernment and choice points for meaningful well being. This is what I share. I am but a Heart Pilgrim on this Journey trying to recognize all Gifts by the side of the Road. HeartMath is my companion, reminding me to stay Aware and be Grateful. When I do so, my Heart leads me into the Wonder. The HeartMath training reinforced what I intuitively felt...the flickers of Knowing and Wisdom flow from my Heart when I listen. I did not need the science to be proof of what I felt I knew. Yet the amazing HeartMath training in Boulder Creek with its Holistic approach in sharing how emerging science reflects innate wisdom, helped my mind understand my Heart. And for many, the science that HeartMath shares is the wrapping paper that encourages them to open the Present. HearMath links tangible and intangible into a combined understanding, that the HeartMath Institute nurtures through their presence on the Web, with the Souls they help to train in the Wisdom of the Heart, and with their leadership in Global Coherence. If you know, or sense, you want to learn more about how our Hearts influence our health, our relationships, our communities and our understanding of life, I invite you to speak with one of the HeartMath staff about training opportunities. All whom I met, in my HeartMath Resiliency Advantage training and HeartMath Personal Coaching/Mentoring training, and since, have blessed me with the beauty, kindness and nurturing of their sincere guidance and loving presence. If, as David Viscott surmises, "the meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to give it away", I offer that you consider the HeartMath training opportunity. Whether it is just for yourself, or to purposely share with others, you will likely gain a clearer awareness of your Gift and a better understanding of how to Give it away. In any case, You will come away from your HeartMath training, Transformed.