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Bob Sanderlin

Coaching Passion Unlimited
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Bob Sanderlin
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Coaching Passion Unlimited
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About Bob

I am Bob Sanderlin and this is my Story

I worked as a salmon biologist for the State of Alaska and I loved it. Years later my coach and mentor asked what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about my job.  I said I loved working with salmon and that I didn’t like managing crews of people. On the outside I looked like I was calm and collected, and on the inside anxiety was a dictator running my life. I was a micro-manager and I didn’t like myself because I was uncomfortable living in my own skin. This was a crucible moment for me because I had to decide if my life was workable. No it wasn’t.

A huge reason why people quit their jobs is because they don’t like being micromanaged. Hiring and training new employees is expensive. My coaching managers in HeartMath techniques can really increase a company’s ROI. This is why I’m impassioned to serve these companies.

HeartMath has been a blessing because I can now trust my heart and calm down in the moment. “Calm is a Superpower” is how I like to say it. I now create teams of people by being more of a guide than a manager. And you know what; people ask to take on more responsibilities.

If you think that anxiety is decreasing your ROI, click the “Make a Consultation Appointment" button above and let’s see how I can help you?  This is on the home page.

How I use the HeartMath System

I help you stay calm, focused and on track, even when your life seems to be spinning out off control.

I am skilled at showing you how to have better energy that keeps you productive, and how to bounce back after stressful situations.