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Carolyn Janson

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About Carolyn

Carolyn brings a wealth of experience as a Resilience Coach, Parent, Educator, Professional Staff Developer, International Speaker and Presenter.  Carolyn assists coaching clients, teachers, parents and children in enhancing their natural resilience and living more authentic heart-centered lives. From Carolyn, you will learn elegant techniques to help you or your child transform stress and overwhelm, improve performance, enhance connection with self and others and access your very best intelligence for creative problem solving and conflict resolution.


Carolyn co-authored, piloted and implemented HeartSmarts, a HeartMath Curriculum for grades 2-5 in classrooms in Pittsburg, CA, Martinez, CA, Berkeley, CA, and in Stockholm, Sweden. She has taught and coached principals, grade level teams, as well as classrooms (teacher and students) in HeartMath® and Connection Practice® strategies and techniques. Together teachers and students create a heart-centered community where students feel heard, valued and cared for. These techniques are especially effective with students who experience academic and social challenges due to ADHD, test anxiety and/or lack of emotional management skills.


A video of Carolyn’s work is on the HeartMath website. Listen to what the children have to say about the difference the Connection Practice and HeartSmarts (HeartMath) make in their lives.

How I use the HeartMath System

I have been using HeartMath tools and techniques in my personal and professional life since 2001. I learned how to integrate them in my daily life when I worked with a highly skilled HeartMath coach. Coaching made a huge difference in my ability to use the techniques on the go, in the moment and in my life.

As a classroom teacher, District Math Coach for grades 2/3, and BTSA Coordinator (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) in Berkeley Unified School District, I used a Heart Math technique at the beginning of teacher workshops and before teaching a lesson to students. I would simply ask, "What is the energy like in the room? Is it jagged or smooth?" When it was jagged, we would "Get in Sync" (Heart Focused Breathing, Heart Feeling) I would explain, "When the energy is jagged I can't teach and YOU can't learn." As a classroom teacher, we always began our day in Community Circle. The first thing we did was Get In Sync or Shift and Shine! We sent our "sunshine" first to ourselves, then to each other and out to our family and friends, and people in the world who needed our care.


As a facilitator, I use Heart Lock In to set the tone for a meeting (to Prep) and use Quick Coherence (to Reset) whenever energy gets funky, when there is tension in the room, before making decisions. I feel guided in my life because I know how to access my intuitive intelligence in problem solving and decision-making. 


As a friend, a mother, a spouse and a grandmother, I have learned how to listen with my heart and speak from my heart. Friends, family, students and clients know how much I care about them and they know that I want the best for them. They feel heard, valued and appreciated. When I feel disconnected, I use heart-centered strategies developed by HeartMath and The Connection Practice to help me see a broader perspectives and discover solutions that are for the highest good of all. 


I am so grateful to my HeartMath mentors, Jeff Goelitz, Tricia Hoffman, Christiana Bishop and to Rita Marie Johnson, founder of the Connection Practice. I am living the life I was meant to live...I am so blessed!


Are you tired of the overwhelm and stress. Do you yearn to live a more authentic, heart centered life with ease? Please call to schedule your  complimentary consultation. Lets see if I am the coach you have been waiting for. It would be my joy to work with you.