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Cody Dakota Wooten

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Cody Dakota Wooten
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The Leadership Guide
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About Cody Dakota

Cody Dakota saw examples of terrible leadership - From business, politics, families, and in Faith, he noticed too many examples of terrible leaders and the devastation that came with it. What Cody Dakota didn't see were examples of positive leadership, or shining examples to look up to.


Cody Dakota wanted to see this changed in the world, and wanted to show people what Legendary Leaders looked like, show examples of people who had unlocked their Heroic Potential, and show what it took to get there. Cody Dakota has dedicated his life to changing the world so that we can see more Legendary Leaders in it.


Cody Dakota is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, has been certified with organizaitons including the John Maxwell Team, Future Force, HeartMath, and is working on more. He was a finalist for the Extraordinarian Award  for Coaches with Ideas that can Change People, Businesses and the World for the Better and was recognized as the #1 Top Expert, 4 times, as an Advisory Board Member for the Future of Business Coaching.


Cody Dakota is the founder of The Leadership Guide where he is a Heroic Potential and Legendary Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Host of The Leadership Guide TV Show and Podcast. He is developing the League of Legendary Leaders, an association of leaders with the goal to unlock their own Heroic Potential, the Heroic Potential of those they lead, as well as raise $100,000 monthly to support various non-profits that are actively looking to impact the world for future generations.