Cornell Carelock

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Cornell Carelock

True He(ART) Academy
White Plains
New York 10606
United States

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Cornell Carelock
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True He(ART) Academy
235 South Lexington
White Plains, New York 10606
United States

About Cornell

I am a spiritually and socially conscious hip hop artist that uses art as a tool for personal change as well as community change. My creative process is one that begins with me finding an idea that inspires me to bring into my life and the world. My goals in making art are to use the creative process to explore new ways to heal while spreading awareness to others and inspiring people to re-imagine all possibilities. The role that I play as an artist and heartmath trainer is one of a creative coach is encouraging people to re-envision ideas while learning how to heal, build resilience while having fun creatively exploring themselves using art. I have been a teaching artist for more than 15 years, and I have been professionally trained for over ten years, learning and implementing strategies from the likes of Howard Gardener and his Multiple Intelligence approach to teaching. As a teaching artist for arts-based organizations, I have been teaching music appreciation, music production, creative writing, cartooning and original songwriting to youth and adults over the course of my time as a T/A. I also come into schools and institutions as an outside provider teaching mindfulness-based curriculum for k-12.

How I use the HeartMath System

In my presentations, I instruct on em-wave via CPU and inner balance, and I also regularly use both in my personal life, integrated into my daily mindfulness meditation.