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Dana Garnett

Mindful Strategy LLC
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Dana Garnett
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Mindful Strategy LLC
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About Dana

I help owners of family and "family-like" businesses prevent emotional storms from wiping out their business - storms like partner disputes, lawsuits, divorce. Find out how well your business can survive the dangers of emotional storms by taking my quiz at www.MyEmoStormBizQuiz.com and you may receive a free EmoStorm Prevention Session valued at $500!

Dana Garnett is a Credentialed Mediator for the State of Texas for Civil and Family cases, a Conflict Strategist, and a CPA. She is the founder of her private practice Mindful Strategy, LLC, which merges her Big 8 Accounting and International Fortune 100 experience with vastly acquired global life lessons. Dana empowers her clients by imparting real-time, in-the-moment conflict management skills which enable them to swiftly and effectively handle whatever life throws them. Key results include increased productivity, creative problem-solving, greatly reduced stress, and improved business, family and social dynamics.

Dana has twenty-two years’ experience with diverse cultures across six continents, including working with The Coca-Cola Company in International Internal Audit, Facilities Management and Change Management.  First-hand experience to litigation resulting in personal hardship and serious financial loss lead Dana to the practice of Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, and a commitment to helping others avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary conflict. Dana holds a Master of Science in Accountancy from the University of North Texas, a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution and a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Southern Methodist University. Dana speaks to local, state and national business forums. 

How I use the HeartMath System

I am a HeartMath® Certified Trainer who provides HeartMath's Resilience Advantage program to business organizations, and also a HeartMath® Certified Coach providing HeartMath's Building Personal Resilience™ program to small and family business owners.  The Quick Coherence® Technique was paramount in my swift recovery from PTSD due to a bad and expensive divorce.  Had I known then what I know now, I could have helped save $200,000+ in legal fees, and a year of therapy each for my daughters and myself.  Today, I walk the HeartMath walk and talk the HeartMath talk, and very little triggers me - and I am able to process easily and efficiently what does.  With HeartMath as my second nature "go to," I am energized and not drained in my work as a mediator, and I have abundant energy to pursue my life goals and dreams.