Deborah Howell

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Deborah Howell

Las Vegas
Nevada 89134
United States

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Deborah Howell
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Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
United States

About Deborah

Medical Health Advisor, Physical Therapist, Certified Health and Life Coach, HeartMath® Coach and Mentor, Wellness Consultant, Navy Veteran, and Best Selling Author.

Dr. Howell is a chronic care professional health coach that empowers her clients to take charge of their life, to be proactive to restore their health, passion, and well-being. Her latest book, Self-Care in Healthcare, is a resource that guides you in taking personal responsibility to act on your health!

How I use the HeartMath System

HeartMath® education and tools have increased my awareness and ability to "tune-in" to my own responses to be able to sustain performance at work when dealing with stressful situations and increased my capacity to effectively manage my emotions. The HeartMath® System offers a way to objectively check-in and self-correct as needed.