Dee Petersen

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Dee Petersen

Great To Be Alive, LLC
West Jefferson
North Carolina 28694
United States

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Dee Petersen
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Great To Be Alive, LLC
684 Walter Drive
West Jefferson, North Carolina 28694
United States

About Dee

I am a Wellness and HeartMath® Certified Coach, nurse, educator, and cancer “thrivor” (since 1991). I am a life-long student of alternative/complimentary approaches to health and wellness. Through my own healing process, I developed a deep awareness of the profound relationship between the body, mind, and spirit in maintaining health. My life experience has been a journey of self-discovery of how to be well and has created in me a passion for and commitment to well being. The HeartMath® System gives me access to deep connection, self-love, self-care and love of others…access to my own inner knowing. Practicing these quick and simple tools has me experience more peace than I ever knew was possible. I have a deep desire to share these tools with anyone who wants this access – this is the work I do.

I have been doing wellness coaching since 2004. I completed the “Specialty Training in Wellness Coaching Course” through the Institute for Life Coach Training and I have been Certified as a Wellness Inventory Coach. I also served for three years as a lead coach for a life success coaching company.  I have been supporting and coaching people to practice the HeartMath® tools since 2014.

How I use the HeartMath System

I use the HeartMath® System daily to enhance my spiritual connection, stop mental chatter and return myself to presence in any situation of stress ~ including relationship challenges, bodily discomfort, and decision making (from small tasks to major choices). Currently, the focus of my business is coaching and training you to use HeartMath® tools to de-stress your system, access your heart’s intelligence and enhance your  well being. I coach via teleconference and in-person sessions. My clients include individuals, small groups, care-giver staff, individuals with traumatic brain injury and children (using the Smart Brain Wise Heart TM program).