Denice Garrou

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Denice Garrou

Colorado 81201
United States


Denice Garrou
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Weldon Creek Subdivision
Salida, Colorado 81201
United States

About Denice

I live in the fantastic town of Salida, CO at the base of the 14'ers! I am a Reiki Master Teacher, published author, artist and horsewoman. It was the horse and my art that was the catalyst to my healing journey. With the energies of the Conscious Shift upon us, now is the time more and more people will be seeking those like us out for guidance and wayshowing. I incorporate the magickal horse energy and expressive arts into my HeartMath Mentoring. HeartMath has been the latest link to the healing tools I use. Learning about HeartMath and their techniques was like coming home. It integrated naturally into my beliefs and lifestyle.  And I am a true believer that changing your heart changes your DNA changing your world.

How I use the HeartMath System

I incorporate them into my Equine Assisted Therapy a non-riding form of therapy. So many people out there love horses and yet are terrified to get on them. Just by being in their presence and learning a few energy exchange and healing techniques they can do on my horses greatly enhances all of the HeartMath mentoring techniques. I also can incorporate an simple yet profound form of expressive art with the HeartMath mentoring programs. This form will assist the mentee in accessing and drawing out their inner soul.