Dr Philip Merry

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Dr Philip Merry

Philip Merry Consulting Group

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Organizational Development

Dr Philip Merry
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Philip Merry Consulting Group
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About Dr Philip

Dr Philip Merry has 39 years experience of delivering learning events in 59 countries. He is a keynote speaker, global leadership and team consultant, trainer, coach and facilitator. Philip has a grounded theory PhD in Synchronicity and Leadership he specialises in helping people access quantum possibility to Lead the Future. He is a leading cross-cultural leadership and team consultant, trainer, speaker, coach and facilitator who specialises in inspiring multi-cultural teams and leaders in a changing environment, helping those from different cultures to work together and by enabling participants to engage head AND heart. In demand by global organisations as a keynote speaker and facilitator, clients comment on his ability to: work in situations where difficult interpersonal and intercultural dynamics are impacting business results, inspire and put people at their ease to establish a learning climate where people are motivated to be their best. Philip is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and a GSF (Global Speaking Fellow) one of only 30 people worldwide to earn this highest award in the speaking profession. British by birth Philip has lived and worked globally from Singapore for the last 30 years.

How I use the HeartMath System

Philip has been involved with HeartMath since 1999 and is a certified Activating the Heart of Teams and Resilience Advantage Trainer. He also helped design and is a facilitator of the new HeartMath "Activating the Heart of Teams" Train the Trainer workshop. Philip uses HeartMath tools in training and coaching in the following programs:

  1. Leading With Heart And Synchronicity
  2. The Power Of The Physical Heart To Impact Executive Performance
  3. Heart AND Head For Decision Making And Stress Reduction
  4. Access Synchronistic And Intuitive Wisdom To Navigate Today’s Global World
  5. Heart Qualities To Attract Synchronicity And Solve Everyday Leadership Issues