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Erica Bagshaw

Inner Profit Pty Ltd
NSW 2095

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Erica Bagshaw
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Inner Profit Pty Ltd
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About Erica

Learning how to respond to the challenges of growing a healthy business while staying healthy yourself is the primary focus of Erica's work with her clients and their teams. With 30+ years experience across a range of businesses Erica specialises in coaching and training senior executives and business owners.  If you're seeking a way to staying in a high-performance state, thinking and communicating clearly and effectively, regardless of the pressure you're under, please reach out.  Staying connected to yourself, your family/friends and your team through the process is also important. Erica is a certified HeartMath Coach and Trainer and has been utlising the tools and technology for more than 10 years. Based in Melbourne, Erica has clients across most major cities in Australia and Asia. As Co-Founder of Inner Profit Pty Ltd, Erica leads a team of extraordinary Facilitators and Coaches specialising in Leadership development.  Erica and her team works with large Fortune 500 businesses as well as SME's and individuals. 

How I use the HeartMath System

The HeartMath System is a powerful tool to support personal resilience, mental acuity, conflict and stress reduction, improve collaboration, quality decision making and strategic planning. Erica uses the Heartmath System in her Executive Coaching to assist clients particularly when they are leading or responding to significant change across their business and/or life. She also helps organisations to build wellbeing, resilience and team effectiveness through the group training. Personally, Erica has been using HeartMath for more than 10 years and has relied on it deeply to support her increased coherence as an entrepreneur and leader in her own business as well as to navigate and recover from severe illnesses, life changes and bereavements in the family.