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Erika Landa

Estado de México
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Emotional Intelligence

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Erika Landa
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San Fernando, La Herradura
Estado de México, Huixquilucan 52781

About Erika

As a former narrator and actress and now as a mother, and  psychotherapist, I have always been interested on  human emotions and behavior. I have come to understand that the acquisition of  tools in the proper management of our emotions, is the cornerstone for our well-being and that of all those around us.  I am convinced that our physical and mental health and the quality of our professional performance as well as our professional and personal relationships depend to a large extent on our ability to self-regulate our emotional world.

Actually I teach meditation and mythology at Instituto Mexicano de Terapia de Pareja.  I have a  private practice as psychotherapist. Train English and Spanish speaking groups on The Resilience Advantage Workshop. And administrate a web space (SACOBI.COM.MX) designed to connect HeartMath coaches and trainers from my country, and nurture our community.




How I use the HeartMath System

HeartMath techniques have turned into a life stile for me, as important as exercising, or having a healthy nutrition program. At first the program helped me out of a clinical depression, now it leads  me to deeper and deeper levels of well being,

In my professional experience I have proven the usefulness of its techniques and technology within the companies I have worked at, to help their members and the group in general harnessing and sustaining their performance. As a Psychotherapist, I have also applied them successfully in the management of disorders as stress, anxiety and depression.