Grant Hebel

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Grant Hebel

Hearts Unleashed
Nebraska 68106
United States

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Grant Hebel
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Hearts Unleashed
Omaha, Nebraska 68106
United States

About Grant

I am an integrative medicine veterinarian.  I have two children (ages 10 and 12).  I enjoy health and wellness and have been known to enter a triathlon or two on occasion.  I also enjoy music.  I co-organize a monthly drum circle and play the didgeridoo.  

How I use the HeartMath System

HeartMath is an integral part of Hearts Unleashed, a heart-based living program based in Omaha, NE.   The focus of Hearts Unleashed is on reducing pet stress and related chronic disease by the reduction of their human companion's stress and on the mental health and job satisfaction of the veterinary community.  I do not limit mentoring/coaching to pet owners and veterinary professionals, however.   Virtually anyone can benefit from learning HeartMath.  I have direct experience with the special needs of healthcare providers, military and first responders.