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Guelsah Can

Business Coherence
Macau SAR 999078

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Guelsah Can
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Business Coherence
Macau, Macau SAR 999078

About Guelsah

My name is Guelsah, I am currently based in Macau (China), but originally I am from Germany/Turkey.   

I work as a  trainer for corporates and organizations. My trainings are related to Leadership and Performance, Motivation, Business Strategies  and Personal Development. 

How I use the HeartMath System

I have been using the HeartMath System since 2012, that´s when I decided to become a certified HeartMath Trainer in Germany.

I use the HM-techniques on a daily basis, and it helped me in so many ways, mentally, emotionally and physically and of course spiritually. It is always great to discover new things about my self and my social environment and how everything is connected. 

But also the science and researches behind HeartMath is a major factor why I love it so much. 

It is very practical, which is a great benefit in these fast changing times. It is also easy to understand, you can do the techniques anytime anywhere, and you have immediate effects. 

In short, you have the power to change yourself and your environment.

It´s my most powerful tool.