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Irenee Brooks

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Irenee Brooks
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Inspirational Vibrations Pty Ltd
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About Irenee

In the early 1980s when I was working in the financial markets, I had my first inkling into the “collective consciousness” through the psychology of markets. My curiosity about the human condition was sparked and my passion for psychology and philosophy began.

This led me to my work as a yoga, meditation and relaxation teacher and an intuitive coach/therapist. I have been in the field of body/mind/spirit therapies ever since! I travelled to many parts of the world learning from different spiritual teachers of ancient cultures. I have a strong thirst for knowledge and my wisdom bank is growing as the years of experience turn over.

In May 2017, I visited the HeartMath Institute in the United States where I was certified to deliver the Resilience Advantage™ program.

I was drawn to HeartMath because as I was exploring over the last 30 years the benefits of meditation and personal development and spiritual development, the team at HeartMath Institute were discovering the science behind it, bridging the gap between science and spirit. This resonated with me and aligned with my personal truth.

My aim is to bring awareness and to teach skills to the wider community to tap into the infinite energy resources that surround us and that lie within us. Drawing on these energy resources helps us live a highly conscious, spirited life.
As we shine our light we are able to see and pick up the treasures that await us along our path.

I hold diplomas in therapeutic massage and yoga and am a Pellowah Healing Technique practitioner and trainer.

How I use the HeartMath System

The HeartMath System is integrated into my way of life.

I use the Inner Balance app on a daily basis to measure my coherence level.  Not only does it get me into a calm flow, it helps me identify immediately as to when I'm out-of sync.  If I haven't practiced I lose the clarity to identify the contrast of either being in or out-of sync.

The quick coherence technique gets me back on track quickly.  Most importantly for me, I use my Inner Balance app on a daily basis for self-awareness, as the benefits prompt me to reset and shift into a heart focus state of being.

The HeartMath System develops for me an open heart and open mind which I believe is essential to living a highly conscious, purposeful life.