Jamie Selby

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Jamie Selby

JD Selby Change & Resilience
Noord Brabant 5611LW

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Jamie Selby
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JD Selby Change & Resilience
Eindhoven, Noord Brabant 5611LW

About Jamie

I am committed to helping people and organizations consciously evolve to create and sustain a positive and generative business environment that not only satisfies but delights customers and the employees who serve them.

Leaders at all levels are better able to inspire achievement, delight customers and build business success when we are resilient in all domains, and coherent between heart and mind. Additionally, bringing the fullness of our selves and our experience, vulnerabilities as well as strengths, builds the confidence of our teams.

I have nearly 20 years' experience as a business/organizational change manager, working with high-tech customer support teams all over the world.

Now independently offering professional services in my zones of passion and genius: meeting and workshop design and facilitation, HeartMath® Resilience Advantage training, and performance coaching for teams and individuals.

Areas of personal interest: Making Visible the Heart of Tech Companies, Women's Leadership Development,  Experience of Expats and Refugees, Personal Development, Animal Welfare.

How I use the HeartMath System

Organizational transformation begins with individual change, and engaging both hearts and minds is my specialty. I am a grounded and masterful facilitator, trainer and coach and elegantly hold space in which these deeper changes can take place.