Juan Esteban Zuluaga Durán

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Juan Esteban Zuluaga Durán

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Juan Esteban Zuluaga Durán
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Desarrollo Phi Ltd
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About Juan Esteban

I am 32 years old, was born in a family full of newthinking parents who taught me about alternative therapies, eastern philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism and grew up attending their many workshops. In 2011 i became Certified Trainer of Drunvalo Melchizedek´s School of Remembering Teachings. Since then i have taught almost 60 workshops with almost  1.200 students mostly from Colombia but also from around the world. I am every day learning from life and from new ways to gather people into their inner space and elevate their consciousness. Right now i am giving workshops through my Consciousness Business about many spiritual and scientific topics that are powerful tools to change people way of thinking and thrive.  

How I use the HeartMath System

Realizo entrenamientos para todo tipo de compañías, centros educativos, colegios y universidades. Realizo también entrenamientos para las fuerzas militares y equipos de enfermería.

Entreno de manera personal e individual gerentes de comañías, fuerzas de ventas y/o cualquier persona que desee obtener una ventaja con los beneficios únicos del Sistema HeartMath.

Planteeme sus necesidades y adaptaremos un entrenamiento personalizado a sus necesidades.