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Judith Cox

Mindfulness Institute of Michigan
Michigan 48340-3313
United States

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Judith Cox

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Mindfulness Institute of Michigan
Pontiac, Michigan 48340-3313
United States

About Judith

I am the CEO of the Mindfulness Institute of Michigan. Our team recognizes the sciences of heart coherence and the value of using the heart's intelligence as a source for well-BEING and performance. As a licensed professional counselor, I provide assistance through mindfulness, compassion, solution-focused, acceptance commitment, and positive psychology therapies.  While I passionately work with individuals and families, my primary focus is given toward employees and leadership in the work environment. I am committed to supporting the development of heart coherence in others at work, providing for greater ease in work relationships, less sense of overwhelm and increased performance outcomes with joy. My achievements as a Board Certified Coach, with specialties in Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership, and Health/Wellness has been in bringing compassion, heart coherence and mindfulness practices into the corporate environment. From my interactions, people expand their heart capacity, performance, social and emotional intelligence, resilience and compassion. 

How I use the HeartMath System

I have been practicing HeartMath's "Care Focus" tool to move reliably out of fear and worry, into an attitude of managed concern. I have been able to create a state shift that allows for being informed without getting caught in debilitating emotions. Instead, I am empowered and confident to provide what is needed.  I am in action using sharing the tools of HeartMath.

I'm helping others gain the extraordinary power of heart coherence through teaching Heart Focus, Heart Coherence and Heart Lock-in focusing on individuals and small groups. I share the research provided by HeartMath.