Julio Rodrigo De Villasante y Gamba

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Julio Rodrigo De Villasante y Gamba

Holistic Horses
Querétaro 76179

Business Strategy
Conscious Business
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Julio Rodrigo De Villasante y Gamba
+52 1 442 1733 911
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Holistic Horses
QUERETARO, Querétaro 76179

About Julio Rodrigo

HeartMath ™ Certified Trainer in 2016, working in Maximizing human & Corporate Wellness through work with all types of companies, managers, senior executives, educational institutes, among others, generating corporate and personal well-being with great results in companies and individuals. 

Stress reduction, increasing coherence, self-awareness and responsibility are some of the results I love to see, listen and feel from the people. Enhance Conscious Business through this innovative and practical personal and business leadership and Soft Skills development like Emotional Intelligence.

Communication in the company occurs between beings who are hidden behind masks, these trainings offer you the immense opportunity to learn to communicate without a mask and find people around you with whom to practice this authentic communication: for your good, for good of all and for the good of the company.

Someone once wrote me: “I was pretty much wired by the corporate world to believe that nothing is personal. Today, I find that statement ridiculous. It’s all about making it personal and allowing yourself to connect within and others.”

How I use the HeartMath System

I use the Heartmath™ system using the innovative tools like the Heartmath™ programs and technology, combined or not, with Horse Assisted Education to increase business wellness and performance by achieving the corporate requirements empowering leaders and teams from within.

Using Heartmath™ system is a must in my life; once you experience in your day by day the benefits and the power of all the tools, you just don´t want to go back as you live your life before.