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Kaden Scott

Kaden Scott Coaching & Integrative Healing
Washington 98402
United States

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Kaden Scott
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Kaden Scott Coaching & Integrative Healing
708 Broadway
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Tacoma, Washington 98402
United States

About Kaden

I’m a mindfulness informed coach and healer with a passion for helping you create more beauty in your life and relationships. Together, we’ll create a path toward the life you’ve been longing for.

"Mindful awareness creates freedom, resourcefulness and self-compassion. When we know what is true for us, we can move forward with a sense of expansiveness. When we expand, we become more open-hearted and begin to live with more authenticity."

How I use the HeartMath System

The HeartMath tools are a simple and effective way to engage with the intuition and the wisdom of your heart.  They can be a first step toward learning how to reduce stress, shifting out of painful emotions and finding more inner compassion and resilience. 

In our work together, we will journey through a process of self-discovery and healing. We will rewrite the old story and release old patterns that keep you from living a life full of possibility and opportunity. We’ll learn to cultivate internal resources and bolster your resilience. We’ll discover what you need to live with more authenticity. We’ll journey from stuckness, frustration, sadness, shame and unworthiness toward a life of heart-centeredness, self-compassion, love and connection.

My approach is mindful and somatically-informed. 

Everything we know about this amazing life we’ve learned through our senses. The body is an amazing receptor and our brain is an amazing interpreter. The body remembers, and the body doesn’t lie. Learning to listen to our bodies guides us toward our truth.

Being more embodied can lead us to the root of things and there is much to discover. Through mindfulness we learn how to slow our experiences down so that we can pay attention to what’s really going on inside. Learning to live mindfully opens the door to more self-awareness and self-compassion. It sheds light on the stories we create about yourselves and our experiences. When we examine our experience mindfully it transforms the way we show up in life for ourselves and for others.