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Kelly Andrews

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Kelly Andrews
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About Kelly

Kelly Andrews has been leading teams in the Health and Wellness field for over 30 years.  She has a BS in Exercise Physiology from University of Tennessee and a MS in Athletic Administration from Florida State University. Her diverse experience and educational background make her uniquely qualified to serve in a variety of settings including corporate, higher education, non-profit, medical and fitness centers.  As a certified wellness coach, holistic stress management instructor, yoga teacher and HeartMath® trainer, Kelly shares her personal journey of finding peace within through her daily practice.  Kelly has a passion for corporate wellness and is the founder of Kelly Andrews LLC, a Wellness Coaching & Consulting business.  She assists individuals, groups and communities in evolving to their greatest capacity through healthy, happy heart-centered living.

Kelly served as the Chair for the Lakeland Leadership Class XXX in 2012-2013.  She is the current Co-Chair for Polk Vision’s Building a Healthier Polk Worksite Wellness Team and additionally serves on the Polk County Citizen’s Healthcare Oversight Committee.   Kelly takes pleasure in collaborating with professionals and businesses who have a passion for health and wellness.

How I use the HeartMath System

Corporate Training - I work with businesses interested in supporting their work teams to create healthier, happier and heart-focused lives which results in a more positive & productive workplace culture.
Workshops - I provide community workshops for anyone interested in learning how to live with more ease using HeartMath® tools and techniques to assist with personal stress levels.
Leadership Classes - I teach a variety of classes for the local Chamber including many of the HeartMath® tools and techniques. (Heart Led Leadership, Mindfulness, Creating Peace in the Midst of Chaos).
Yoga Instruction - I incorporate HeartMath® breathing techniques in my yoga classes and yoga workshops.
Community Outreach - I offer one hour HeartMath® intro classes at a variety of locations including the Polk Museum of Art and local Yoga Studios for those interested in personal development.
Massage CEU Classes - I am offering the Resilience Advantage program for massage therapists who need CEU's for licensing renewal

Personally, I use the HeartMath® tools in a variety of ways throughout the day.  I like to start my day with some Heart Focused Breathing & Inner Ease before I jump out of bed.  I  tend to use Heart Focused breathing when I am driving in my car to classes, events, workshops, etc.  I also like to bookend my day with quick coherence before I fall asleep.  I am finding the more I teach the techniques and tools, the more I practice them.