Lane Michel

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Lane Michel

Mount Shasta
California 96067
United States

Organizational Development
Personal Coaching

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Lane Michel
[email protected]

PO Box 591
Mount Shasta, California 96067
United States

About Lane

There is a time in our life when we realize that our heart has an adventure that is distinctly different than the daily life we have grown into. As a coach, Lane helps people remember and live this heart adventure (purpose).  He has found that teams and organizations go through the same search for “success”.  As a coach and consultant, he has helped many reach deep into their truth and to make positive changes. He creates and sources materials for clients that inspire, support and illuminate.

How I use the HeartMath System

Engaging, empowering and energizing people fuels results in positive ways often never anticipated. Resilience, emotional intelligence, and managing our #HumanEnergy sustain courageous choices we make to change, to create a better world and to live a fulfilling life. With HeartMath tools and practices, clients often for the first time find the importance of heart-mind coherence for themselves... with a little knowledge and coaching.  It’s all about energy now.