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Laurie Levin

Laurie Levin
South Carolina 29412
United States

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Laurie Levin
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Laurie Levin
Charleston, South Carolina 29412
United States

About Laurie

When you focus on reducing stress on your body caused by unhealthy nutrition, overweight/obesity and emotional stress, you can significantly reduce your risk of illness and disease, and reverse many health issues as you restore your health and vitality. Relationships also improve, work/studies and overall quality of life.

I coach people all over the country to create optimal health in their lives eating more plant foods, reaching a healthy weight and maintaining it, and learning the HeartMath stress reduction tools.

Having lost my mother to stomach cancer when I was 11, she was 39, health and wellbeing became a top priority for me when I was 39 and about to give birth to my daughter. I was a wife, a Vice President and soon to be mother, my most cherished role. I also was on 5 meds/day to eat as I had severe stomach disorders.

By changing my daily diet and learning how to respond positively to life's challenges with the HeartMath tools I was able to heal my stomach, get off all medications doctors said I would be on for life. I have been symptom free for almost 2 decades. I am passionate about supporting and empowering clients to heal from the inside out. 

I am a Certified Coach focusing on nutrition and weight loss with a structured optimal health program, and a Certified HeartMath Coach. I spent 25 years in Corporate America and have an MBA.

How I use the HeartMath System

I begin the day with a very healthy plant-based breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up. Then I use a HeartMath tool called Heart Lock-In for around 10 minutes. It is very important to fuel the body with healthy nutrition and emotions first thing in the morning to set the tone for your day. You'll eat better the rest of the day and are more likely to respond positively to whatever comes your way. I use several of the other HeartMath tools as well throughout the day, taking seconds to a couple of minutes, to reduce stress on demand. When I lay down at night I start a tool and drift off to sleep and if I were to wake up during the night I use a tool to get back to sleep. I use no OTC or prescription drugs in general, and my HeartMath tools for pain.