Linda Gemmill

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Linda Gemmill

5D Visionary Coaching
Bradwell On Sea
Essex CM0 7QX
United Kingdom

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Linda Gemmill

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5D Visionary Coaching
Bradwell On Sea, Essex CM0 7QX
United Kingdom

About Linda

International Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Certified HeartMath Coach

My approach is one of integration - mind, body and soul - to enhance my clients' wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

I have mentored, coached and trained hundreds of individuals over the years in my professional life. Formally trained in meditation techniques, psychospiritual counselling skills and spiritual coaching, my purpose is to help others to realise their full potential. I am also a certified Soul Plan and Soul Transformation practitioner as well as a certified HeartMath coach.

I work online via Zoom meetings, which enables me to work with clients internationally, wherever in the world you are based or currently working.

How I use the HeartMath System

As a citizen of our beautiful planet, I enjoy working globally, helping clients around the world to live the life they desire.

Working exclusively online via Zoom, I offer a flexible approach for my international HeartMath clients. My priority is ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits from learning the powerful tools and techniques within the HeartMath system, aligned to your individual needs. 

During an initial Free discovery call, we will establish your unique goals and define the best way for us to work together to enable you to achieve them. From a one-off coaching session to a formal 4-week program - my focus is always on the best solution for you.