Lisa Clayton

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Lisa Clayton

Source Potential, Inc.
Half Moon Bay
California 94029
United States

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Lisa Clayton
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Source Potential, Inc.
42 Amesport Landing
Half Moon Bay, California 94029
United States

About Lisa

Lisa A. Clayton, MS, Author, Master Trainer.  Founder and President of Source Potential, a human development company, Lisa offers more than 35 years of experience in professional training, coaching and consulting.  Lisa created a unique learning method for developing individual potential and application of learning concepts which was used worldwide by clients such as American Express and HSBC in facilitator certifications for leadership programs.

Lisa conducts intuitive counseling and Angel transmissions as an ordained Angel minister and specializes in connecting individuals with their spiritual domain and resources.  From her passion for heart and intuitive learning, Lisa became a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Licensed Coach teaching stress reduction techniques, physiology of coherence and strategies for building and sustaining resiliency.


With Lisa’s life-long teaching and coaching philosophy of “learning from the inside out”, she has creatively combined her intuitive abilities with heart-focused techniques to establish the Inner Leader Movement.

The three-month Inner Leader Movement program helps you access your own unique, inner leader abilities of power, courage and confidence along with your spiritual gifts and resources so you can create success in the world and have relationships that are meaningful, abundant and fulfilling.

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How I use the HeartMath System

Daily as a regular, personal practice and for business decisions and practices for Source Potential, Inc.

Coaching individuals personally/privately and professionally in corporations and organizations in Building Personal Resilience.

Facilitate small and large group workshops in well-being centers and community events.

Project manage and serve as Master Trainer for corporate-organizational deployments for Resilience Advantage.

Teach-back and facilitator for HMCT.