Lisa Shaheen

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Lisa Shaheen

Lisa Shaheen
Delray Beach
Florida 33445
United States

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Lisa Shaheen
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Lisa Shaheen
Delray Beach, Florida 33445
United States

About Lisa

As an adult with a congenital heart defect, my life has had many health challenges.  I was blessed to have a family that ate a true Mediterranean Diet, and by the age of nine, I underwent open heart surgery.  Taking care of my health has always been central to my life and so I became a health coach and certified HeartMath trainer.  I am a testament to anyone who has health issues that you can lead a full, active and vibrant life.  I teach my clients to pay attention to their diet, stay active and practice mindfulness. 

I work with both adults and children, teaching HeartMath techniques to reduce anxiety and stress. Recently I have been teaching HeartMath to students and teachers in schools, and to executives and their staffs.

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How I use the HeartMath System

I use HeartMath with all my clients.  I teach every client the quick coherence technique before we even begin talking about any  of their health challenges.  I have found that once we are both coherent, the information and compassion that flows between us opens the door for real learning to take place.  When practicing HeartMath we can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety one feels when trying to make significant life changes. HeartMath sets the stage for every step of the work my clients take toward their optimal wellness.