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Luc Cardinal

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Luc Cardinal
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nüco international
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About Luc

Founder of Nüco, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Business NeuroCoach, Luc focuses his work on Human Beings as opposed to Human Doings. He helps presidents, vice-presidents, and directors, reach their objectives while improving pleasure at work. Luc helps  achieve more using The Higher Performance Zone™, a neuroscience model applied to business.

Luc uses practical methods to facilitate the use of human intelligence, and restore healthy and efficient communications at all levels. His conferences and workshops, followed by individual coaching and regular plenaries, enable the integration of a communication style that allows participants to fully express their true leadership. The result is important emotional savings, focused energies targeted at goals and leaders moving from group to team.

Luc brings knowledge of neurophysiology of stress and calm states along with an essential perspective on power, motivation and negotiation. With over 28 years of experience as a consultant and thousands of coaching sessions, he uses precise protocols and he obtains measurable results.

His professional training includes, among others, Coaching with HeartMath, NeuroCoaching with Guy Hauray, Ph.D., OAD analysis (personality traits and motivational needs), Consulting and Coaching, the use of psychometric tools with MRG (Management Research Group), creativity in business with Edward de Bono and leadership with Dr Stephen Covey.

How I use the HeartMath System

I am using HeartMath knowledge and tools in conferences, trainings and coaching. In coaching, using technologies to follow my client's evolution in heart coherence.