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Integral Therapy
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Marc Ross

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Integral Therapy
Calgary, AB T2N 2E9

About Marc

Dr. Marc Ross (PhD. Ed.) is a Registered Psychologist who, in addition to his work with Integral Therapy, is a mental health practitioner at WGM Psychological Services Ltd. and Amundson & Associates. Marc specializes in the areas of evolutionary psychology and integral studies, having worked extensively with biofeedback and hypnosis in his practice; he also has had valuable experience in research, teaching, and writing. He has worked with many adolescents, couples and families over the years, and is affectionately referred to as Dr. Wheelz by some teens. Given his personal experience with quadriplegia, he also helps people adapt to chronic pain, disability and physical injury.

How I use the HeartMath System

During my doctoral work I studied the use of heart math in an alternative high school, aimed at helping students, teachers, principals and staff reduce stress and achieve greater psychophysiological coherence. Now, as a family counsellor, I help teenagers, parents, and individual clients struggling with a variety of psychosocial challenges and pressures to find a greater level of inner balance and ease.