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Martin Daubney

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Martin Daubney
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Inspire Coaching GmbH
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About Martin

Having spent the best part of my career in corporate organisations, in commercial and internal / corporate communications,  I finally met my nemesis and experienced what stress in the workplace is all about. Not quite reaching the burnout phase it was enough for me to change direction. Now, after extensive retraining and applying knowledge in practice I help others like me who are struggling with the increased pace of change, leading to stress in the workplace. My program Clear Your Head to Get Ahead is the true antidote to this stress leading to a greater sense of self, being able to set boundaries and greater sense of fulfilment as we work from Stress to Strengths. 

From my studies I am able to offer a unique blend of Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Conversational Intelligence, Psychological Coaching along with the Clifton StrengthsFinder and the tools and techniques from NLP. The HeartMath Coach & Mentor certification  adds to the mix to so clients make changes quickly and fix them with new proven habits.

I offer one to one coaching for leaders and executives as well as workshops for teams and organisations.

How I use the HeartMath System

My personal involvement with HeartMath started as I attended a workshop at the International NLP Conference in London. Here I started my eduction in heart centred breathing and coherence. It lead to the realisation that I've been living with too much stress with my "normal" baseline set too high. I have proved to myself on several significant life events that what I had been doing and learning about actually works.

Now I offer a Lunch & Learn session for organisations who are interested in an introduction building resilience in the workplace. There is of course a workshop called Clear Your Head to Get Ahead for teams and organisations who want to use proven techniques to reduce the stress burden and build resilience in their organisations and one to one coaching packages for deeper change.

The HeartMath system is at the core of these workshops and coaching packages.