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MaryAnn Whitney

California 94708-1132
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MaryAnn Whitney
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270 Lake Dr
Kensington, California 94708-1132
United States

About MaryAnn

As a businImage001cropess performance and leadership development coach, I work with mature (50+) entrepreneurs to make their profitable performance easy in the midst of stress and juggling competing priorities in life. My coaching focuses on applying the latest neuroscience and heart-mind connection strategies to sustain high performance and resilience.

My driving passion is to integrate heart-mind system strategies that mature entrepreneurs can use to enhance both personal and business success. My methodologies are based on how the brain, mind and heart systems work together for optimal performance. This knowledge and practical application have worked for me and can work for you!

More recently I have started to use the sensory awareness techniques in Forest Bathing.

How I use the HeartMath System

I personally use the HeartMath to manage my personal energy on a daily basis along with meditation.

I especially benefit from walking outside in nature where I combine HeartMath with gratitude, appreciation and enjoyment.  This focus interconnects wonderfully well the sensory focus of Forest Bathing.