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Meg Hogan

Build Resilience
St. Petersburg
Florida 33732
United States

Meg Hogan
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Build Resilience
P.O. Box 56603
St. Petersburg, Florida 33732
United States

About Meg

In my 30-year career as a small business entrepreneur from start up to multi-million dollar companies, I experienced tremendous successes and failures - sometimes simultaneously. My take away is the health of an organization is mirrored by the health of the workforce. I absolutely loved what I did, yet after three decades found myself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from continually striving to make ‘it’ happen. I searched my heart and found direction I’d have never fathomed without taking time to ask and listen. Within six months, I offered severance to staff, transitioned clients and closed my current business. I sold my beloved home of 25 years, downsized my life and created freedom for something new… I did not know what. I shared my desire to serve people in more purposeful ways out loud, and was whisked into a divinely orchestrated passage, (still am), to include certifications with HeartMath and the resilience coaching and training I provide individuals, teams and organizations now.

I don’t doubt my strengths, yet am more comfortable sharing perspective from someone on the receiving end: ‘You have the rare ability to almost immediately connect with whomever you are talking with. You share from your own heart & experiences humbly and allow others to feel safe and heard. I feel as if you speak not just from your own heart, but the universal heart.’ – B.R., LMFT

Despite profuse misguided and inflamed perceptions, I believe in a world where the healing power of love and resilience perpetuates through us. I welcome hearing from you. With Care, Meg

How I use the HeartMath System

I teach HeartMath® resilience skills through group training in experiential workshops and individual coaching sessions. Utilizing evidence-based, life transforming, resilience and self-regulation techniques and technology, combined with life experience, I empower individuals and groups to thrive in environments of change, challenge and adversity.

With 30 years business leadership experience, I have keen awareness of return on investment. Whether an organization or an individual, I can provide measurable outcomes. Normed and validated assessments offer insight to customizing workshops and coaching sessions - recognizing strengths, targeting stress and illustrating measurable shifts in resilience, health and well being.

I am not here to sell, coerce or convince. I am not a psychologist, a therapist or clinician, although have partnered in work with all. I listen with empathy, non-judgmentally, with love for who you are in this, or any moment. I help you contemplate perspectives and perceptions you may not have considered due to emotional inflammation or attachment to control, with simple, practical skills you can use any time anywhere to make wiser, heart-centered choices, enhance relationships, increase energy and improve health.

I passionately inspire people through self-awareness, to experience a fulfilling quality of life, professionally and personally. External events and circumstances do not define you. This is your journey. You have options. You have resources. You have choices in the creation of your life experience moment by moment.

Stress less. Be more. Do more. Live more.