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Nicole Wijngaarden

Nicole Wijngaarden Coaching Limited
New Zealand

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Nicole Wijngaarden
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Nicole Wijngaarden Coaching Limited
187 Featherston Street
Wellington, 6011
New Zealand

About Nicole

I am a Personal Growth Coach/ Life Coach based in New  Zealand, working with clients around the world.

I help clients uncover their stress points, blocks, and relationship challenges, and support them through these, listening and deeply questioning, offering them new tools so that they are able to choose to live a more loving, coherent, compassionate, creative and courageous life.

The coaching journey is exciting as it brings new opportunities, new beginnings and new awareness.

Each client has their own unique combination of challenges which they seek coaching for and it is my privilege to be able to help and guide them on their journey

How I use the HeartMath System

I use the HeartMath system by teaching clients the Quick Coherence Technique, asking my clients to do coherent breathing at the beginning of our coaching sessions with me as I guide them through this so that they can become more familiar with the practise, and getting them to practise coherent breathing when they are alone as well.

I use the HeartMath EmWave Pro to educate my clients about the changes to their physiology which occurs when they are in a state of high stress, parasympathetic or sympathetic states so that they are able to physically see the data. This shows them in a very real way how their state affects their body and how much their hearts affect their thoughts.

I use the Depleting to Renewal Grid to map how clients are predominantly are feeling on a day to day basis, so that they can see what part of the grid they are living in at any given time.


With couples therapy, the Communication Technique is a great tool for enhancing the emotional coherence when listening to their partners feelings, especially to reduce the escalation of emotions during sessions and at home.