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Nina Potter, Inc
St. Paul
Minnesota 55109
United States

Couples & Marriage
Life Coach

Certified Therapeutic Coach, Clear Beliefs Coach, Oneness Coaching Practitioner

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Nina Potter, Inc
2012 Mesabi Ave
St. Paul, Minnesota 55109
United States

About NINA

I specialize in Coaching Marriages in Crisis. Mostly it's just me and the partner who wants to save their marriage. (It only takes ONE to get the process started!). The courage, heroism, and heart shown by my clients are a daily inspiration for me. We work together to build resiliency because being happy with yourself no matter what your spouse ends up deciding, is not only a win for you, but it's also the fastest way to win them back!

I teach a variety of skills that are both internal (for managing emotional states) and external (the behaviors and actions that lead to becoming a happier WE).

Our coaching may even lead to a private or small group couples' retreat on a romantic sailboat, cruise ship, or other exotic land destination. My goal is for ever more happiness and marriage bliss to be modeled for families everywhere.

I consistently grow and enhance my mental, physical, and spiritual awareness and encompass many Integral philosophies and world views (a "Possibilian" if you will). Always training with the best in their field keeps me current with the latest and best methods available.



How I use the HeartMath System

As a Relationship Coach, I teach HeartMath tools for Self-Mastery, Decision Making, Clearing Limiting Beliefs and especially for Relationships in Crisis to build Resilience and the ability to Respond from Love instead of React from Fear. For myself, I use it to self-regulate and grow my Resiliency as well as in transitions throughout my day.