Nina Sonovia

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Nina Sonovia

United States

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Nina Sonovia
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Denver, Colorado
United States

About Nina

Nina Sonovia, MS, LPC, uses HRV training with high performing corporate teams, business leaders, and individuals to build personal  resilience using biofeedback and neurofeedback. 

She is the Founder and Resilience Strategist of Solonco. Solonco specializes in Employee Assistance Program consulting, and resilience training for aviation, education, and physical and mental health wellness leaders.

Nina is an award-winning corporate wellness strategist. She is also a college psychology professor, and was a beta tester for the Spire product Health Tag, the emotional regulation device.

Nina is an avid runner and has completed four half-marathons, and multiple 15K and 10K races national wide.

How I use the HeartMath System

I use HearthMath to help individuals regulate their emotions and improve their performance. I also use HearthMath techniques as the foundation for teaching others how to manage teams and bring coherence to organization when a disruptive event has occurred, like a reorganization, terminal illness, or death of an employee.