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Phillippa Bourke

the essence Ltd
Waikato 3802
New Zealand

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Phillippa Bourke
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the essence Ltd
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New Zealand

About Phillippa

I came upon HeartMath® several years ago when exploring programs that could empower others to create and enhance their own wellbeing. HeartMath resonated with me because of the considerable scientific research that lies beneath it, and its significant potential for empowerment and improvement, for both self and society.  I discovered that it’s both pragmatic and heart-focused in a way that’s extremely relevant in today's world. 

I am a certified HeartMath Trainer and Mentor/Coach. I work with organizations to enhance improvement in wellbeing and performance at personal, relational and organizational levels. With individuals, I personalize application of the HeartMath science and tools to promote and sustain individual care and wellbeing.

I work with a wide range of people, including those in leadership. All that's required is motivation to create and enhance wellbeing. There is no question that each of us has the capacity to do that. Through the training or mentoring process, each person or groups of people can discover the many advantageous ways to apply this new learning in their own workplace or life. 

The Mission of my company, the essence, is ‘to promote care for ourselves and others, so that the environments in which we live and work are more conducive to us realising our full potential’.

Manaakitia tātou me o mātou taiao.


How I use the HeartMath System

HeartMath's tools and techniques are an important part of my own life. I always begin the day checking that I am heart-focussed and then monitoring my heart focus throughout the day. I use the techniques for clarity and coherence to ensure that I'm functioning at my best, my personal favourites being Quick Coherence and Heart Lock In. I often find the emWave or Inner Balance app useful for affirmation of coherence, as well as assisting to gain coherence when needed.

The Global Coherence app is a regular part of my heart focus too. I love the way that the app allows you to see where others are in the world who are practicing coherence at the same time. It gives a great sense of connection and contribution.