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Ronna Prince

Arizona Living Light LLC
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Ronna Prince
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Arizona Living Light LLC
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About Ronna

I am a HeartMath Coach and Instructor. I enjoy helping my clients discover the full power of the heart and to learn how to incorporate easy to use techniques of ease, calm and caring into everyday life. I am the visionary and producer of the film Sacred Journey of the Heart, featuring HeartMath experts Deb Rozman, PhD and Rollin McCraty, PhD. As we share in our ground breaking film, "the heart is where the action is"!  I also incorporate multiple modalities to facilitate a shift to heart-based living including clinical hypnotherapy, radical forgiveness and family constellations.  To learn more about my services and my documentary film, featuring HeartMath visit websites:

How I use the HeartMath System

My clients learn how to use the Inner Balance device to give real-time information about their heart coherence. I teach the tools of HeartMath so my clients can de-stress throughout the day and focus on heart centered principles of living: authentic communication, gratitude and inner calm. I encourage clients to take the Journey to Heart Intelligence class to deepen their understanding of the power of the HeartMath process. I also enjoy teaching HeartMath techniques to cardiologists and other health care specialists.