Sheila Tillich

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Sheila Tillich

Sheila B. Holistic Energy Healer
New York 14450
United States

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Sheila Tillich
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Sheila B. Holistic Energy Healer
108 E Church Street #2
Apt 2
Fairport, New York 14450
United States

About Sheila


Hi! I’m Sheila Tillich. My mission is helping others attain their dreams through self-healing. Propelling them into new and beautiful life experiences, now, as well as a heart-centered future.

I have spent most of my life learning, practicing and teaching the healings arts in both conventional medical settings and Holistic healthcare. Besides being a Licensed HeartMath® Coach/Mentor, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) Master-Instructor Trainer Practitioner, USUI Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Hospice/Palliative Caregiver, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and deeply experienced Metaphysical Practitioner.

My own personal story: I’ve had the ability to sense unseen Angelic energy since childhood and have lived spiritual life principles for over thirty years, consciously healing destructive life patterns and behaviors. I have incorporated healthy holistic mindful wellness programs and living, achieving self-healing. I have changed my cellular (bio) body and belief system. I no longer see myself as broken. I’ve changed my victim story of a disease concept, took responsibility with action in changing, and evolved as a success story. I'm a whole human being, have integrated my shadows and life issue challenges into everyday successful living.


How I use the HeartMath System

I am a Multi-Dimensional Master Healer, Teacher, and Trainer of healers. I’m a Heart Activator - Harmonizing the Heart and Soul. Mentoring others to stand in their power seeing the bigger picture in their lives. Helping them transform into something that provides freedom, wisdom, and courage to live their best life. This guidance and teaching help them self-heal by releasing and healing what no longer serves them, evolving into their divine purpose. I use time-tested techniques such as HeartMath® and Integrated Energy Therapy®, empowering others to self-heal.

RECREATE YOUR LIFE - Find Peace, Purpose and Authentic Self-Love
SOAR TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL - Transform your Life Into - Heart-Centered Living
LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE - Transform your Mind and Body with an Energy Session
HEAL YOUR BODY - Still Your Mind and Open Your Divine Connection
RELEASE ~ HEAL ~ EVOLVE - Everyone has the ability to heal themselves