Sonya Johnson, ACC

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Sonya Johnson, ACC

Tennessee 37922
United States

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Sonya Johnson, ACC
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613 Sedgley Dr
Knoxville, Tennessee 37922
United States

About Sonya

Life coaching is a transforming, collaborative process that is meant to guide you to be the best, higher version of you.  Coaching helps harness your naturally brilliant being through the action of exploration of your values, goals and strengths in a supportive environment.  Combined with the HeartMath System, you will gain the tools needed to demonstrate confidence in your own wisdom, moving forward more purposely towards your true-self vision and in the joy that it brings.  

How I use the HeartMath System

The HeartMath tools are invaluable for myself personally and when working with clients.  I feel as though we are all here with a specific path.  It's not my purpose to set that path for you, but to help you identify what may be blocking you and provide tools to help guide your way.  The HeartMath System helps light the way with ease and grace.