Stephanie M. Dougherty

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Stephanie M. Dougherty

The Resilience Center, Upper Bucks, LLC
Upper Black Eddy
Pennsylvania 18972
United States

Business Strategy
Corporate Training
Health Care Systems

BSN, CPPS, LSSGB, Certified Ind. HeartMath Trainer, Healing Touch Practitioner

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Stephanie M. Dougherty
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The Resilience Center, Upper Bucks, LLC
79 Old Canal Lane
Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania 18972
United States

About Stephanie M.

Stephanie Dougherty is a certified HeartMath Independent Trainer and is the President and CEO of The Resilience Center, Upper Bucks, LLC.  As Director of Patient Safety/ Patient Safety Officer/ High Reliability Organization (HRO) developer,  her plans include incorporating the HeartMath program into HRO development in healthcare. Ms. Dougherty is a Healing Touch practitioner, using singing crystal and Tibetan bowls in healing sessions and creating resonance for improving healing effects of living space.  She completed a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma at Villa Nova University in September 2015 and completed an Executive Fellowship in Patient Safety from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Her past experience includes critical care nursing, gastroenterology nursing, risk management and patient advocacy. In addition, Ms. Dougherty has published several articles on patient safety and is an experienced speaker on patient safety and high reliability. In 2011 she was awarded the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year for Quality Improvement and in 2014 was awarded Hunterdon Healthcare’s Leadership Excellence Award. Ms. Dougherty is a patient safely champion who educates and empowers individuals and the organization to achieve sustained outstanding performance by developing leadership and  high reliability teamwork skills. She collaborates with multidisciplinary teams to innovate and implement sustainable patient safety practices organization wide.  Her goals are to incorporate  HeartMath into healthcare in her area and in private practice.  HeartMath is already data proven to increase return on investment in key organization metrics. 

How I use the HeartMath System

I use the HeartMath system daily, before meetings, after meetings, before engaging with any challenge that requires heart focused coherence. The opportunities to use Heartmath daily are abundant. I am already teaching Quick Coherence to individuals and am building a business for personal and professional clients and organizations.  I entered the HeartMath Program as a new pilot program for the 2019 hospital budget- which will soon be discussed for approval.  My long term goal is to empower the organization to have HeartMath as a fundamental expectation, structure and practice for all providers and the communities we serve.