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Sylvie Olivier

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Sylvie Olivier
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Golden Heart Wisdom
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About Sylvie

By connecting to the heart of who we are, ‘At the Heart of Neutrality’, we stop spending our energy trying to bring about the concrete manifestation of events, resources, and material goods as we finally become fully conscious and aware of the impact that a few inspired actions can have. We receive inspirations to express our highest potential and allow the Cycle of Creation to take place with fluidity. We constantly receive opportunities to experience expansion in our lives.

The severity of my daughters’ illness, which spanned over the course of 7 years, was a major factor in my relentless search for opportunities to assist her in reconnecting with a harmonious state of health. It’s actually what sparked my interest in bioenergetics - the science that studies the energetic systems of human life – originating from traditional Chinese medicine.

Given my daughter’s emotional shock which she experienced when her father and I separated, I chose a specialty that addressed thoughts, beliefs and emotions. These studies and research assisted me in seeing what’s now quite obvious ... there comes a point where science meets consciousness and vice versa.

As a Bioenergetics Specialist, I assist business leaders, management teams, professionals and individuals alike in experiencing metamorphosis through private mentoring, programs, retreats and live and online events around the world via Golden Heart Wisdom which is a platform of neutrality through which it’s possible to welcome clarity, fluidity, and lightness in all areas of life, and this, with ease and simplicity.

How I use the HeartMath System

At Golden Heart Wisdom we offer programs and products that marry science and consciousness to allow a profound heart connection, all the while accessing intuition, intelligence and resources already available. By adding HeartMath tools, techniques and technologies, it creates a greater impact on our clients’ mind and heart and thus, prepares them to open up even more and, at a faster pace.

Whether I include a module of the “Building Personal Resilience” program or a simple breathing technique, it all adds up and creates a powerful synergy, as I assist Humanity in living life At the Heart of Neutrality.

Another tool that I love is the Depletion to Renewal Grid, which offers a complete and user-friendly system for deep and long lasting awareness. Using this grid on a daily basis enhances the capacity of being resilient, while assisting in choosing another path.

At Golden Heart Wisdom, we emphasize the power of clarity, fluidity and lightness in every choice and action that we make. It makes so much sense to include HeartMath’s System in every way, shape and form. Another example of how I use HeartMath is by sharing one of their core concepts, where they talk about renewing energy and recharging our inner battery. I combine this key concept with the “Plenitude Effect” tool that I teach. They are both whole and complete by themselves and together, they bring about such an incredibly powerful experience.