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Teena Christel

MySource Consulting; Healing HEARTist
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Teena Christel
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MySource Consulting; Healing HEARTist
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Washington State &, Arizona 85387
United States

About Teena

A business foundation in HR and Training & Development ingrained the importance of having a deliberate plan and a clear sense of purpose which set the groundwork for subsequent business ventures.  As a single parent of three young children there was a need for flexibility, so starting a home-based Marketing/Promotional Advertising company made perfect sense. In 2006, following a ten year stint in the Staffing Industry, a Technical Staffing firm emerged. 

After a devastating personal tragedy, which then morphed into a stress-related health issue, I was catapulted into an internal journey that, fortunately, landed me at the foot of HeartMath. As I began using the techniques and fact-based science to understand my natural capabilities, I was able to create a new level of calm and 'ease’.  I immersed myself to such a degree that, in time, managing stress was just another one of life's adventures.  Eventually, joy and a zest for life slowly emerged, something which had eluded me for some time.

Given my business background, I chose to continue working with Corporations but on a different chord. My concentration is with companies who's mission is to build top-notch internal teams and wish to attract and retain the most talented and well-balanced individuals. Through this path I am then able to reach those looking to be the very best they can be - creating a life that brings about a level of satisfaction that surpasses their dreams. 

I believe those who lead with heart become great leaders in life – with family, work and in the world. 

How I use the HeartMath System

HeartMath is the 'heart' and the 'how to' manual of which both employers and individuals have been seeking. The 'soul' of this program illustrates how to live, work and communicate more effectively and at a deeper level. In addition, there's an emphasis toward integrating a little creativity and adventure into your work, family and life. Living from the heart helps to ensure you're getting the biggest bang for your buck while making your way through life.
"Thinking" with your heart provides clarity and a high degree of mental focus when major or quick decisions are critical. Our heart holds the source of who we really are, so when connected to the heart, we are our best selves.
When working closely with teams or on projects, communication is key. You’ll learn the various dimensions of communications that take place in every conversation and how best to be aligned with your heart so what you say is conveyed with purity and authenticity.
We all have to breath, and we all have a beating heart - these are among some of the great equalizers, so whether working with a high-powered corporate executive, a cashier or a carpenter, learn the techniques that convey your words with a sense of calm and trust, knowing that wisdom prevails.