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Thera Storm

Clarity Corp.
San Diego
California 92109

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Thera Storm
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Clarity Corp.
4490 Fanuel Street
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San Diego, California 92109

About Thera

My name is Thera Storm and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) practicing in the Pacific Beach area “PB” in close proximity to Mission Bay, the Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Downtown San Diego and Miramar Air Station in San Diego, CA.
Clarity Corp. is a clinical practice. The mission is to bring clarity to each client by walking them through recovery from grief. This journey can take place in-person with one-on-one sessions, in a small group setting w ~4 participants, online through e-Therapy, or through 7-letters mailed to you weekly.
I focus on grief recovery because I have found that the root of many depleting emotions (sadness, disconnection, depression, anxiety, anger, loss of concentration/focus, etc.) is commonly discovered to be unresolved grief. My clients describe the insight that comes around this “ah ha” moment – realizing they do not need a fancy diagnosis or psychotropic medication – as “the ultimate clarity”…
Hence, the development of my practice… The Clarity Corp.
Losses go far and wide.
When we talk about “losses” it includes death, divorce, break-up, retirement, graduation, deployment, miscarriages, moving, loss of pet, job transitions, loss of health, loss of wealth, loss of friendships, loss of identity… even feeling at a loss as how to help others who are experiencing intense grief.

How I use the HeartMath System

I have been impressed and satisfied with the results and application of the HeartMath® techniques. As a provider it’s nice to watch your client have an “ah ha” moment in therapy - and showing them the feedback after a HeartMath® session gives me this satisfactory clinical experience almost every session. 

The emWave technology gives me a tool where clients can actually see their coherence through HRV tracings. I believe the feedback from tracing reports would empower even the most skeptical client into seeking efficient solutions to problems and to identify goals for learning and applying self-regulation skills and stop cringing at the word “gratitude!”. In time, I’m confident that my clients would be able to increase the amount of time they’re able to sustain coherence, shift the emotional and physiological dynamics that may be exacerbating their diagnoses/medical conditions and establish a new psychophysiological baseline.

HeartMath Techniques have had impact on my life personally (and now, professionally). I personally plan on practicing Coherent Communication™ Technique for future client engagements.

It is my ethical obligation as a social worker to protect vulnerable populations and assist my clients with their goals and objectives. I believe being a HeartMath® Certified Practitioner would allow me even a greater ability to continue doing so.