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Tia Castagno

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Tia Castagno
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About Tia

Since my school years, I have always been able to rely on an incredible determination, buckets of passion and a very strong sense of duty. Although a career in Marketing & Advertising wasn’t quite where I had seen myself, once on that road, thanks to those very qualities, I climbed all the way to the top, taking executive roles from managerial to creatively focused. But all this came at a price such as pressure, long working hours and stress. Yoga saved me as I started a personal practice 12 years ago. With my practice came a sense of perspective and space, and the need to share all I had learned with others. Soon after, I became a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, teaching in my spare time. In yoga and mental wellbeing, I found not only the answer to stress management but also the source of creative expression, empowerment, confidence, mindful leadership and overall success in work and life. In 2016 I founded UnlockYourBlock, a personal and professional growth company, aiming to support anyone looking to unlock & maximise their potential via a personalised blend of mindfulness, resilience & motivation tools. The resilience training I provide to individuals and organisations is now mainly based on my HeartMath® certification, which had a life changing impact on me, hence it is my strongest desire to spread this precious knowledge everywhere I’ll be given a voice! As we make ourselves more resilient, we can bring our best selves to the world we live in and help make it a better place for all.

How I use the HeartMath System

I teach HeartMath® resilience training through group interactive workshops and individual sessions. My workshops are very engaging and present science based information in a simple and easy-to-understand format, with plenty of examples and personal stories. Technology is well integrated with the aim of demonstrating the impact of the techniques ‘on the spot’ and is never overwhelming. Resilience and self-regulation techniques are practiced under clear guidance, in a safe and open environment and all participants get supported on their individual journey to increased energy, better health, stress-free living, better decisions, stronger communication and leadership, enhanced relationships and more. My main aim is to see everyone leave the session with plenty of confidence and fully equipped to self-regulate and be in control of their lives.