Tomas Fernandez

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Tomas Fernandez

In The Zone . Coach
San Jose
San Jose 10107
Costa Rica

Health & Wellness
Law Enforcement
Sports Performance

HeartMath Certified Coach, Stress & Well-Being Assessment Certified

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Tomas Fernandez
(+506) 88108622
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In The Zone . Coach
22nd Avenue, 37th Street
San Jose, San Jose 10107
Costa Rica

About Tomas

Performance Coach in Sports and Life. Experience from early age in competitive sports the State of Flow and been able to perform In the Zone... That zone of Optimal Performance. Back then, was sporadic, never under control. But now, I understand and comprehend the HOW and WHY of the Zone.  

As a established entrepeneur with over 15 years with several succesful business vectors, and over 25 years in different sports playing from local up to the National Team in 2 different sports, with experience in multiple levels competitions such as the Panamerican Games.  

Now I feel mature and well educated to share my experience, knowledge and perfomance enhancing techniques and methods to others. My drive is a heartfelt sense of purpose, to enhance my clients sports performance in and out of the "court" or "field of play", as well and specially in daily life, to control and transform modern "Stress" and avoid health problems and increase there's enjoyment of life. 

How I use the HeartMath System

I use HeartMath everyday in the morning to start the day in a positive way and be present, optimistic of what is coming and grateful for what I have now. Plus I use it as powerful feedback and demonstration tool for clients, so they don't have to believe what I say, I can show them and they can experience it personally.