Beth Strohecker

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Beth Strohecker

Beth Strohecker
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HeartMath Technology Training
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HeartMath Certified Resilience Advantage Trainer, other certifications, Stress and Well-Being Assessment Provider, Add +Heart Facilitator B.S. Degree in Accounting, PHR, SHRM-CP Certifications

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Beth Strohecker
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Beth Strohecker
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Montreal, QC H3G 0C3

About Beth

I have many years experience as an HR Professional with two current certifications and a B.S. Degree in Accounting in addition to certifications in Resilience Advantage Training, Add +Heart Facilitator and Stress and Well-Being Assessment Provider Certification.  I am currently living in Montreal with my husband serving as Expats with our permanent residence in Texas.  My recent HeartMath Resilience Advantage Trainer Certification is used teach others to benefit from the tools, techniques and technology to thereby enhance all areas of their lives.  I am grateful to have found HeartMath and have experienced the remarkable benefits in my own life.  It is my passion and pursuit to enable others to find similar life enhancing benefits.

How I use the HeartMath System

HeartMath is my go to modality for personal Resilience Advantage practice in seeking to enhance my effectiveness both professionally and personally.  I learned of HeartMath 4 years ago and attempted to provide the heart focused breathing technique in grad student counseling as students were experiencing desperate episodes. It was effective even in my very rudimentary application.  Now, I use HeartMath techniques multiple times a day, mornings during meditation and prayer, to rebalance and throughout the day as interactions occur and evenings before sleep, I usually practice with my Inner Balance as it is an incentive to fully stay mindfully on track.  Throughout the day, I am ever vigilant to consider and adjust my current level of coherence.   I am so grateful to observe my own resilience baseline growing.  The techniques have been of particular importance to me as we were moving from our first 3 year Expat assignment in Sydney, Australia to our current Expat assignment in Montreal.  I took an 8 week course through Learning Strategies taught by Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman, Heart Brain Sync for Success (Goal Realization).  It helped me to uncover my true goal the past four years was educating and preparing myself for a business that would use my HeartMath certifications in a capacity that equips and inspires others.  As well, the tools and techniques were extremely profitable for me personally as I was taking multiple online courses to complete CE hours for my two Professional HR Certifications by my recent deadlineS.  My experience was dramatic in that using HeartMath raised my scores and enabled quicker learning.  This was remarkable and great incentive for any student to learn the techniques!   I converse with everyone I interact with about HeartMath.  It is my passion and I am grateful to be involved.  The Resilience Advantage is the the greatest gift and freedom I can bestow on anyone!