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Charles I Flores

Vital Puma Integral Recovery
California 94611
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Charles I Flores
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Vital Puma Integral Recovery
Oakland, California 94611
United States

About Charles I

Please see my website:
For 25 years, I have assisted people with a variety of addictions, from the exogenous abuse of drugs and alcohol, to the ones that stem from the chemicals already inside the brain, such as sex and love addiction, abandonment patterns, sexual compulsions, gambling, internet, and workaholism. Unlike most psychotherapists, I’m a National Board Certified Addiction Specialist, well versed in both abstinence and harm reduction strategies. Unlike most addiction professionals, I am also psychotherapist who also treats the anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues that often manifest after being uncovered through recovery.
I use Lazarus' multimodal approach, Wilber’s integral theory, Gorski/CBT, transpersonal/Buddhist psychology, family systems, EMDR, biofeedback and other technologies that may aid in Recovery. I’m an LPCC endorsed by the California BBS to do family and couples work, a National Certified Tobacco Treatment Provider though NADAAC, and a CalGETS Gambling Treatment Provider.
As a South Bronx native who has worked with people of diverse range of ages, from teens to elders, traditional and alternative sexualities, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economics and classes, I partner with clients "from jail to Yale."

How I use the HeartMath System

I use Heartmath techniques and technologies for myself and my clients to help create emotional resilience toward the challenges of life which may be a trigger to use addictive substances or addictive tendencies. 

Meditation, along with prayer, is one of the key methods people use to connect to Higher Power for some people in Recovery, and also deeper self-awareness and insight for many other traditions that do not have a Higher Power (i.e.. Buddhism, atheism). 

I perform a stress test for your current your baseline, and then over time have you practice Heartmath meditation techniques between sessions. Working with HRV technology like Heartmath is ideal to have that you get honest feedback for progress, so I may view your progress as a coach to help with your accountability.

Feel free to contact me on my website inquiry page for a free telephone consult!